Hello, stop policing my title length? :)

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Hello, stop policing my title length? :)

Post by littlexena on Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:25 pm

I'm littlexena on Tumblr. I found this forum out from Tumblr.
I use they/them or ze/zir. You can call me Avishai or Maxens, or use my nickname.
I have understood that I experience psychosis since last year, but I remember experiencing it since way longer, even in my childhood. I am also autistic and have C-PTSD.
Recently I've thought that I may instead of schizophrenia and autism, have McDD (which is still on the autism spectrum) but I don't know enough about this.
I don't take any meds. I like my dog, books, working out and these days I've been doing maths a lot.
I like those kinds of spaces because it's not often that one can freely talk about their psychosis. I wish it was more accepted tbh.
Edit: the possibility to have a special color for your title is pretty cool though!


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